Thursday, May 08, 2008
Enraputred in the pleasure.

I lay down in my bed, sound asleep.  The windows are open to let in the light, warm breeze of the night.  The wind is so soft and smells so sweet. . the drafts make my think silk sheets move . .soon exposing my legs. . .

I had already known previously during that day that something was stirring in the air something mysterious and entrancing. . .

I lay there asleep as the wind blows the candle flame, and touches my skin.  He enters.

A dark mysterious man with power, strength, and hunger for the female body.

His grasp upon my mouth to keep in my screams awakened me instantly, I felt his arms grab around my waist tightly, I struggled. .but only to see his face.  Shadows covered his face. . but his strenghth and the touch of his hands on my flesh made me melt. . .to stop me from kicking he jerked me. . and at that moment. . .I told myself that I would to anything and everything he wanted me to. . .I wanted him. I also wanted him to fight with me, nothing satisfies me more than a man with power. So I kept on my "struggle" to give him the idea that I was scared and that I wanted him to stop. . .eventhough I wasn't, and I didn't.

He carried me out of my home kicking and screaming, when I didn't stop, he dug his fingers and nails into my body. . .I couldn't handle the desire no longer. . .I needed it at that moment.

As we left my home the air was still warm with that sweet smell, and I wondered wear my attacker was taking me, eventhough he could have taken me anywhere. . .I was going to give myself to him.

He had a Black van in which I was thrown into, I still never got to see his face, but got a better look at his clothes, everything was black. The boots, the shirt, the pants, the jacket. .. but everything was so soft. . i got a glimpse of his skin. .so fair. .so pale. .I wanted so bad to look into his eyes to see what they were like. . but he colored my eyes before I could even catch a glimpse, he then bound my hands together and covered my mouth with tape. I felt his hands rub all over my body, and he then gave a tug at my hair, and touched my face. . .I wanted him so bad.

I couldn't keep track of the time, but as we drove I couldn't stop thinking about the moment he first touched me.  How strong he was, how his hand clasped over my mouth and with his other arm squeeze my body tight. . how he pulled on my hair and the touch of his hands upon my face and body. . .wherever he was taking me, thats where I was goign to stay. My life was in his hands now.

I must have fallen asleep. .  .

I awoke instantly to the smack across my face and the nails diging into my neck, he threw a black bag made out of some cloth over my head as he carried me away. I had no idea where we were. .nor what time it was. . .and I didn't care. . all I wanted was to find out what he was going to do next, I couldn't hardly wait.  Every second  I had sensations traveling throught my body. . I wanted him. . .I wanted him so bad that I desperatley wanted

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